Thriller: Diversified Canon RF 100-500mm Lenses Equally Cracking


Roger Cicala of LensRentals noticed that additional than one copies of the Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 returned to the warehouse with the identical seen crack in an inside factor. Why it saved going down was a thriller.

Cicalas preliminary assumption was that it wanted to enact with Canon’s change within the optical stabilization system, which not locks down relish it did in outdated lenses. Everytime you shook an older EF lens, it doesn’t rattle. This recent lens, on the other hand, does rattle. Since LensRentals ships its merchandise very neatly receive, Cicala guessed that the free-intriguing components had been a method or the other banging collectively in begin which is what would set off the identical type of crack to defend going down.

“In every and every case, after we seemed all through the lens, the crack moved after we shook the lens,” he writes on the LensRentals weblog. “So, I believed the cracks had been within the IS unit as a result of it strikes in case you shake the lens.”

A correct head-scratcher, Cicala and concluded the solely method to ascertain why the crack saved performing was to paddle the lens down. As he broke the lens down into smaller and smaller components, the factor was mute not revealing itself. Even when he received the inside position of the focusing array out, the factor was mute buried deep within the barrel.

“The cracked factor is clearly inside this meeting however we mute can’t be distinct which factor it’s, apart from it’s neither the frontmost nor the rearmost,” he writes.

“I imagine that this whole meeting is a single fragment within the fragment catalog; that the restore heart actual replaces it as one portion if something breaks in there. Nonetheless we should know what broke and perchance uncover why it broke, so we’re going to take dangle of this slightly further than the common disassembly.”

After further disassembling the items, Cicala was able to at closing confirm which factor expert the crack.

“At closing, we’re capable of hint that the cracked factor is the one actual behind the aperture meeting. That’s a thin singlet that we’re capable of uncover by intriguing the doorway focusing motor manually is moreover the ahead focusing factor,” he says “There’s no chance that this factor might perchance bodily contact the one we actual eliminated. The aperture meeting separates them and the aperture is tender and versatile, in order that couldn’t rep brought about harm.”

After even further teardowns, Cicala was stumped: there was no method that factor bodily got here titillating with each different portion. What he found for distinct was that the free-intriguing make of the optical picture stabilization system was to not blame for the crack.

“We did fastidiously check out the flow into of every and every factor within the inside barrel with the primary goal motors off, and so forth. and there may be not any such factor as a chance this factor impacts each different factor. There doesn’t look like any laborious cease in its inch that would set off a shock with flow into,” he writes.

“So why did varied of those crack all of the technique during which by begin? I even rep no thought,” he admits. “My first thought, given that it’s chilly local weather, was perchance temperature shock, intriguing from sub-zero vans to heat indoors or one factor. Nonetheless I’ve requested varied of us additional an informed than I and none mediate that’s a chance. These that cracked are all early copies from a similar serial quantity fluctuate, perchance there have been some unsuitable components early on.”

The sheer amount of merchandise that LensRentals strikes presents Cicala a reasonably position of seeing many examples of any given digicam and lens, together with outlyling elements relish this one.

LensRentals has supplied Canon all the information that was discovered as fragment of this teardown, and the company has assigned a crew to discover into the place. Presumably at closing the correct perpetrator behind the crack will seemingly be printed, however for now it stays a thriller.

To observe the beefy detailed teardown, investigate cross-take a look at the beefy weblog post on

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