Straightforward concepts to Rob Comely Images of Snowflakes


Photographer Don Komarechka is neatly-known for his macro work, notably his images of snowflakes. On this transient video, he runs you through how he goes about taking photos these minute ice crystals and their repeatedly distinctive six-fold symmetry.

Everytime you occur to’re fortunate enough to be in a jam graced with snow this cool local weather, that you could be are additionally trying to find to dig out the extension tubes, splash out for a hoop flash, and head out into the cool. Komarechka’s lens of substitute, the conventional Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro, will on-line web page you inspire $1,049 new, however there are lots of to be picked up secondhand, corresponding to this one retailing at $786.50.

Ring flashes are a peculiar breed, and the Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro Ring Lite seems to be prefer to be a trendy substitute at $115.

Be warned: it’s possible you’ll presumably nicely plan some confused stares as you stand out in freezing local weather pointing a queer-having a sight digital camera at a woolen glove, so my commiserations in case you don’t grasp the privateness of a yard. Because the video suggests, taking photos is not very any longer a quick course of: it’s not queer for Komarechka to make the most of as so much as 300 images of a single snowflake earlier than organising a characterize that’s made up of between 30 and 50 particular person exposures. Everytime you occur to are trying to find to compile an perception into his bettering course of, make sure you check out out this video.

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