Seven Further of my Favorite Lightroom Shortcuts


Let’s kick off this week by studying some in reality essential Lightroom keyboard shortcuts. Right here we coast:

(1) To originate all the panels within the left or purpose side panels, defend the Narrate-key (PC: Ctrl-key) and click on on on any panel. To close ‘em all assist up, make use of the an equivalent shortcut.

(2) To internet Lightroom exhibit you exactly the set your in the interim originate picture is discovered in your laptop, press Narrate-R (PC: Ctrl-R) and this could originate the true picture within the Finder (Dwelling home windows: Explorer)

(3) To play an instantaneous slideshow of your recent footage within the Library module or the Manufacture Module, press Narrate-Return (PC: Ctrl-Enter).

(4) To find an Auto White Steadiness to your picture within the Manufacture Module, press Shift-Narrate-U (PC: Shift-Ctrl-U).

(5) To commerce the coloration of the Veil Overly from its default tint of purple, press Shift-O (each time you press it, it toggle to the following coloration). 

(6) Whereas you’re cropping a picture and really feel likes it needs some straightening too, whilst you quiet internet the Slice border in predicament, purpose defend the Narrate-key (PC: Ctrl-key) and your cut back cursor will commerce briefly to the Straighten instrument, in order that it’s potential you may drag the instrument out over an residence of your picture, vertically or horizontally, that must be straight. 

(7) To immediately gape your picture as a Gloomy & White picture, press the letter “v” in your keyboard. Whereas you need it assist in coloration all once more, purpose press “v” all once more.

Hope you discovered these essential, and proper right here’s to a expansive, healthful, happy week forward! 🙂


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