Photographing Lights By Glassware Produces Psychedelic Outcomes


Photographer Eugene Tumusiime turned as soon as enamored with the inspiration of using glass prisms for images nonetheless didn’t have entry to at least one. To scratch that ingenious itch, he decided to ascertain out using glassware from spherical his house.

Tumusiime says he turned as soon as impressed by the kaleidoscopic streaks of sunshine that the administrators of the Thor motion pictures throughout the Surprise Cinematic Universe had been using to characterize gallop by the Bifrost furthermore the wormhole in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. By mixing coloured Christmas lights and photographing them by diversified glassware with a Samsung Galaxy S9, Tumussime says he chanced on that he may bend, harm up, and warp the delicate into diversified patterns attributable to the curves and bevels throughout the glass.

Tumusiime calls this mission “Glasswarp” and pondering that the whole images had been taken using an older smartphone and long-established objects is solely probably the most modern occasion of how creativity is further helpful than gear.

Beneath are some examples of what he produced using diversified types of glass.

Pint Glass

Tumusiime says that the images he will get with the pint glass remind him of 2001: A Rental Odyssey.

“The ripples of this tankard would harm up delicate rays alongside a number of round pathways, and so that they are free to breeze in any route, with a dinky little little bit of precision,” he says. “Lengthy exposures with this dragging methodology effortlessly made for my present compositions on this sequence.”


“Angling the substandard of a pitcher made for an enormous floor for lights to curve spherical proper by lengthy exposures,” Tumusiime says. “Inserting the lens in opposition to at least one part of the rim and framing the alternative moreover exposes some ethereal round patterns.”

Unicum Glass

“The bottom half of the beveled plus image makes a face. And it’s crying. The happiest accident of my profession, appropriate type there.”

Clear Stapler

Whereas not as long-established as the alternative glassware he feeble, a clear stapler produced a brand new stretch survey to lights.

“If even one portion of glass works nicely, you gotta wade through the whole thing inside the home. No longer a lot lower than proper by lockdown,” Tumusiime says.

“When held sincere, the bottom address would stretch delicate rays horizontally, making for straightforward lag images with out the necessity for lengthy exposures.”

Beneath is a bevy of images that Tumussime created using these and different clear objects he chanced on spherical his house.

All of those images are significantly processed in submit in expose to deal with extra noise and to take the saturation attributable to sensor boundaries of the Galaxy S9.

“Pondering my telephone’s sensor measurement, there turned as soon as delicate some extra noise and saturation that made these images survey further possess illustrations than images, even with RAW recordsdata,” Tumusiime says. “Lots of the images moreover got here out fairly shining and flat, in order that they lacked a focal degree or a route for the notion to switch in.​​​​​​​”

You’ll be able to come across an in depth clarification of how these images had been processed on Tumusiime’s weblog.

What he managed to hold with merely a couple of clear objects he chanced on spherical his house goes to show that even while you’re caught interior attributable to the COVID-19 lockdowns all through the world, that it is doubtless you will nicely delicate grasp some fairly enjoyable artwork work.

Picture Credit score rating: Photos by Eugene Tumusiime and feeble with permission.

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