Madlad Fits All of ‘Shrek’ Onto a Single Floppy Disk


Be mindful floppy disks? The shrimp disks that may possibly retailer a whopping 1.44 MB of data had been the ever-present totally different for transportable data storage for many years besides quicker and (worthy) greater-capability alternate options acquired proper right here alongside. Straightforward, that did not stop a suave and nostalgic tinkerer from managing to compress a complete feature-length movie enough to swimsuit it on a single floppy disk.

New 4K Blu Ray movies can with out issues push earlier 50 GB for proper a few hours of pictures. Even DVDs, which withhold 480p video, are 4.7 GB. Look after leaping down the ladder, and in addition you’ll subsequent stop at CDs, which typically withhold 700 MB, proper 15% of their DVD counterparts and decrease than 2% of their distant Blu Ray cousins. We’re going to skip earlier Zip disks at 100 MB and invent our method the entire method right down to the in kind-or-garden 3.5-hotfoot floppy disk with its 1.44 MB functionality, decrease than 1% of even a CD. 

And so, the idea of compacting all of “Shrek” onto a floppy seems virtually delusional, when the type of disk might now not even retailer a single distinctive JPEG picture. However that’s good what one suave Redditor, u/GreedyPaint did. The utilization of a {custom} x265 codec, they compressed the movie to a decision of 120 by 96 pixels, enjoying at 4 frames per 2nd. And whereas that sounds monotonous, they honestly quadrupled the physique fee; initially, the codec might best match a physique per 2nd on the disk. What’s a protracted far more spectacular is that the audio be acutely aware is quiet there as neatly. The floppy is definitely performed the utilization of a custom-built “VCR” that accommodates a Raspberry Pi named the LimaTek Diskmaster. Or now not it is considerably the neatly-organized and nostalgic accomplishment! 

Examine cross-check the video of the setup in motion right here.

Lead picture by Antoine Taveneaux, feeble beneath Ingenious Commons.

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